Day 5: What’s Full Feel Like?

This picture 😂 has little to do with this post…other than I love French fries…. and it’s hilarious!

I’m basically eating a couple snacks, plus one big meal to try to stay under my calorie max (1,800). I’m so used to being stuffed that I find it easier to cope with a little discomfort of starting to re-learn hunger signals, when I know I get to eat a “normal” amount if I hold out.

Old thinking is wanting to follow the philosophy of eating every two hours… but that doesn’t work for me because snacking and grazing leads to more snacking and grazing.  Eating every two hours, only 200-300 calories makes me want more.

I’m going to continue to do what works for now, but I’m more than ready for it evolve as time goes on.

Today is Saturday… it makes me nervous.  At least at work I can’t graze or eat everything in sight.  At work, I’m busy.  At home there’s snacks and idle time.

I can do this though!!!!!!!!!!

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