Day 6: Darn It All to Heck

gray and blue dinosaure ffigurines
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Well, shoot.

I have stronger words, but since I’m down this path of self improvement, watching my potty mouth seems like a good thing to add in…. and my 3 year old repeated me yesterday when I exclaimed “What the cr*p and sh*t!”  #MomFail 🤦🏼‍♀️ …. In my defense, in one of my newly organized drawers of art supplies, I found a pocket knife and some 550 cord that clearly my  husband had stuffed in the drawer.  With the kid’s art supplies!  Why???  … Clearly my use of foul language was justified.   Still, I don’t want to get a call from preschool because my kid is that kid in class shouting obscenities!

Back to the point… I didn’t do great yesterday.  I could have done a lot worse, but I’m pretty unhappy with myself.  I tried to keep track of everything, and I drank my water.  I just ate a lot of things that I really didn’t plan to and I felt  out of control.  Amazingly though, I only went over my calories by 209… as long as I didn’t forget to log something? I just wish I felt in control and made better choices.

I tried to give myself permission to eat whatever I want all weekend with the whole “Well, I’ve messed up… I’ll just start over on Monday” mentality. But then I saw a Cat & Nat clip on Facebook and they were trying to chat with Rachel Hollis (Girl, Wash Your Face), which reminded me that I saw she has a podcast, so I went looking for her podcast and the one that I came across first was an excerpt from her book about the lies we tell ourselves about starting tomorrow.  It was exactly what I needed to remind me that there’s no time like the present.

One little win that I almost forgot about:  I did some lunges and squats! My middle-little, (same 3 year old parroting curse words), turned me into a dinosaur with her magical wand.  I started chasing her with my tiny T-Rex arms and walking funny while roaring after her.  It just popped in my head to chase her while doing  walking lunges- still with the teeny little arms. She thought I was hilarious and I got a mini workout!

It’s Sunday and a whole new day.  I got this!!!


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