Day 12: “You’re Not Fat”

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I miss those words… even though I didn’t believe them back then.  I got into a conversation with a coworker about gastric sleeves (weightloss surgery).  She has a friend who is thinking about doing it.  I am opposed to them, mainly because I have taken care of patients who have had complications from them, but also on the principle that the vast majority of obesity is due to phychological factors- bad habits, poor choices, etc.  You can’t fix a psychological problem with a surgery.  You have to get your head straight in order to lose the weight.  If you don’t, all of those issues are going to chase you around.  I was explaining my points and mentioned, I’m not overweight because I’m hungry- I have a weight issue because of my choices. She didn’t contradict me.  It made me remember when people used to say “you’re NOT fat”  but I didn’t believe them, even though in hindsight, it was true.

The conversation got me thinking.  I think maybe I should see someone.  I’m afraid of being labeled or judged.  Might be worth a shot though?


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