I want to live in tomorrow-land. Everything there is so perfect and spectacular. I love Brooke Castillo’s podcast. I was in Self-Coaching Scholars, but I panicked a little about the price and ended up getting cancelling my membership. I wish I hadn’t. Now I have to wait a year to get back in. Until then, I have the materials from the months I was a member and I listen to the podcast.

She talks a lot about buffering. I buffer with food and tomorrow-land. Today, I needed to pick up. The house was stressing me out, but i didn’t have a whole lot of motivation to pick up. So without conscious thought, I’d pick up a little, then found myself in the pantry snacking, pick up a little, then pantry, and so on. When I did catch myself doing it, I felt bad about it. So I comforted myself (buffered against my discomfort) by reassuring myself that “tomorrow” I’ll do better.

The problem is tomorrow-land doesn’t exists. If it did, I wouldn’t be 70 lbs overweight, and feeling disappointed in the results that I keep getting in my life. Days become weeks, weeks become years. It’s such a shame and waste. Instead of motivating me for today, it feels hopeless and drags me down. Hopelessness leads to “comfort foods” and the cycle continues.

My today self hates my yesterday self and the choices that lead to where I’m at. It’s exhausting to be so frustrated and disenchanted with myself. So much energy is wasted wishing I could go back and do better. I need to put that energy into looking forward.

I am going to live in this-minute-land from now on. When I fall off track, I’m going to ask myself, “How can I get back on track this minute? What can I do this minute to get closer to my goals?” This-minute-land leads to a tomorrow-land full of pride and accomplishments.

Thanks for reading, I’m off to live this minute to the fullest!

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